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About Us

Founded in 2009, Quantum Vision (QV) is an information technology and consulting company specializing in high-end SAP enterprise user-experience solutions. For more than 15 years our highly qualified team has helped customers of all sizes, across the broadest range of industries, to get the most out of their ERP applications. As a boutique company, our focus is entirely on delivering cutting-edge technological and process expertise that makes it easier, faster and more efficient for users to perform SAP business processes. Quantum Vision offers system architecture and functional application services at all levels of a client’s SAP environment, utilizing our extensive experience in the analysis, design, architecture, development and implementation of business processes all of this in order to bring to life the best User Experience to the company.
QV is a certified Silver SAP Development and Service Partner and we work closely with SAP teams on various projects throughout Europe and North America.
We have developed a series of cost-effective products that accelerate the UX process implementation ensuring that your business environment meets your staff’s expectations thus enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Why You Should Have a Serious Look at E-UX

  • E-UX is a key technology enabler and market differentiator

  • E-UX ensures productivity gains of 50-200%

  • E-UX substantially improves data accuracy

  • E-UX decreases training time and costs by 40-60%

  • E-UX decreases user errors by 10–30%

  • E-UX delegates requests to the back room

  • E-UX enables enterprises to do the work they were meant to do

The people behind Quantum Vision

The most important factor in bringing great ideas to fruition is the people behind them. Our leadership team has decades of diverse experience and a history of success in the cloud and mobile computing markets and not only on SAP platforms.

Ronen Argov

Founder and CTO

Founder Mr. Argov has more than 20 years’ experience working in varied technologies. He has headed large and complex SAP UX, portal, and mobile projects for a number of global enterprises.
In 2009, Mr. Argov founded and successfully led Quantum Vision to what it is today – a leading SAP UX and development innovation company.

Gidi Kimchi


Mr. Kimchi has more than 25 years’ experience in creating and managing software companies in the United States, Europe and Israel. He founded, managed and successfully brought to exit one of the 10 largest IT service companies in Israel and one of the top global QA and testing companies in the world. He also managed a public company for 14 years. Mr. Kimchi led an important IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Since 2008 he has been involved in angel investments and mentoring startup companies.

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