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Boost Your SAP Enterprise User Experience

“Survival is not based on size or scale but on your ability to change”

Why to bother

with E-UX for SAP ?


Unique Views









Let your users focus on the job they need to deliver quickly, without the need to access multiple databases across applications and devices. higher productivity is gained by integrating all the user needs like BI, ERP DATA, CRM and more, enables designing efficient workflow process into one workplace across devices.



When an application is intuitive and friendly it's less likely to require intense training.

Decreased training means decrease training cost and time

Data Quality


Investing in SAP E-UX is decreasing users errors, improve data entering the leads for better decision making.

Solution Accuracy


Working on E-UX methodologies saves changes request amount after go-live, decreases the amount of IT Support Tickets, cost per support ticket, data error correction and cost per correction.

Change Management


Next generation change management is aimed for the people using the application ,SAP E-UX methodologies by Q.V. help you accompany the change and raise the success rate.

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